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Season 2020 is about to start

Welcome to Hockey Season 2020 @ Adelaide Hockey Club

We look forward to seeing you all in the coming weeks!


A few words from our President, Finola Dwyer

The 2020 season is fast approaching, and we are off to a cracking start! Our senior teams began training in earnest in January and the committee has been very busy in the off season.

Best of luck to all the teams as they prepare to wear the red, white and blue. It’s going to be an awesome year. Go the Peas!!!!

The best possible result in 2019 - dual premierships

I am thrilled to announce some of the new additions you will see this season:

We are currently finalising the renovations of our clubroom bathrooms with the creation of two new change rooms with the club house also to be painted throughout

  • New tiered seating next to our main pitch

  • New shelters over our dug outs

  • New goalie practice machine which will assist the development of our awesome goalies

  • New electronic scoreboard

I would like to thank our committee for their efforts to deliver these projects over the off season. In particular, thank you to Stuart White whom has project managed the majority of the above projects and has invested an enormous amount of his time to ensure they have become a reality.


2020 Registration

Registration is now open. Seniors must register before play and juniors must register before trials.

  • For new players go here >>

  • For returning adults go here >>

  • For returning juniors 12 - 18 years go here >>

  • For returning children 9 - 11 years go here >>


2020 Diary Dates

Important Season Start Dates:

  • Premier League & M1: 23 March

  • M2-M5: 5 April

  • Junior Trials: 7 April

  • AHC Season Launch: 13 Apr

AHC Save the Dates Calendar here >>

HockeySA Fixtures here >>


A word from our PLW Head Coach for 2020 - Minnie Gobolos

As a coaching team we have been absolutely thrilled with our Peas 2019 pre-season. Each athlete has worked hard to improve their physical conditioning to ensure they are ready for Round 1 of our PLW and M1W competitions.

Our PLW and M1W teams played a practice game against AUHC on Sunday 3rd March. Our dominance in these games supported our excitement for our upcoming season. We cannot wait to play Round 1. Go Peas!

Minnie Gobolos (PLW Coach), Darren Neimke (PLW Assistant Coach) and Shaun Dawson (M1W Coach)


A word from our PLM Head Coach for 2020 - Steve Button

Minnie Gobolos PLW Head Coach

The Senior Men's program has had a very rewarding pre-season with many old and new faces being part of the group, including a cohort of up and coming juniors putting in regular appearances and impressive performances. With the approaching season, the group were very glad to get back onto the hockey pitch and have attacked the early season preparation with purpose and intent.

After a solid few weeks of pitch work, we are eager and raring to go!

Steve Button (PLM Coach) | Marty Roberts (M1M Coach)


Thanks to our Sponsors

We have been busy procuring new sponsorship partners and re-negotiating existing packages. We are thrilled to retain Perfect Smile and Comform Construction and welcome new partners in Northpoint Toyota, Adelaide Sports and Ortho Physio and House and Garden. We thank all our major sponsors for their support. We are still negotiating with some others and will keep you posted. We also take this opportunity to thank our previous sponsors, in particular Solitaire Automotive, The Smart Centre and Metricon.

We should also mention our relationship with Mr Keith Henschke of Hentley Farm Wines who we hope will, again, support our wine sales through the bar and Hyde Park Pizza, our preferred supplier of fine pizza throughout the year.

Adelaide Hockey Club has worked hard to establish its current position. The challenge is to maintain and improve our current status. We are well positioned to continue with our success on the field, and we have established a reputation as an outstanding corporate citizen in the local community. To continue to be effective, the club relies heavily on sponsorship support from businesses and individuals in the community. This support allows the club to be accessible to a wide range of people, and to offer a first class experience to players and supporters at every level of participation.

To this end, it is important that our sponsor partners are supported by our AHC community so please show your appreciation and your support whenever you can! Please do mention you are an AHC member whenever you get the opportunity. We will share further details sponsor packages that will benefit you our members as the season progresses.

Stuart White | Sponsorship Coordinator


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